Our Personalised Discovery Process for Our Photography Documentaries

A day like your wedding is known for its memorable, joyful, tearful, and altogether beautiful nature. The soon-to-be wife more often than not has dreamt of it since she was a girl, and the soon-to-be husband wants the entire day to unfold like a dream for all. We want to make sure that these flowery words are realities for you on your Perfect Day.

That’s why we got together and wrote this outline of our discovery process and to bring you peace of mind before you decide to make a call, to find out more. While we’re working both in the foreground and the background on the day, it’s vital for you to feel calm and happy as we do our work to immortalise your day in photos, and for that reason your own experience with us now and on the day is so important. Our Discovery Process is important for you to understand so you can get a feel for how we work (a process we’ve perfected!)

SARAH KOSSUCH ARTISTIC STYLE: We love to tell stories. To capture your day like a detailed photo-reel, watching it unfold. Because days, weeks, months and years later, others that have become new friends and family weren’t blessed to see you on the day – and for them they can relive a part of it with our detailed imagery. On the other hand, what’s equally as important is bringing flashbacks of crystal clear memories to your mind a decade, two decades, and a lifetime from now. We want to tell this story for you.

CULLING + EDITING: When the wedding is complete, we take every image and begin to make a detailed and careful selection, making sure the story is at the forefront and it meets our lofty standards of quality. We make sure every image that does not contribute to the “whole” or doesn’t fit with the story, in terms of angles, colouring, lighting, closed eyes and poses that don’t capture the mood are edited out of the catalogue. We color correct every image and engage in detail editing on selected favorites in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

PLANNING MEETING + QUESTIONNAIRES: Every one of our clients receive our Wedding Questionnaire 3-6 months prior to their wedding date. The questionnaire helps us to make the perfect connection of technology and organise ourselves perfectly to suit the concept you have in mind. Two weeks prior to the wedding date Sarah will plan a phone call to finalize the wedding day timeline, and locations. This includes a written list of requested images and family formal groups, and more.

DIGITAL IMAGE PRODUCTION TIMELINE: For engagement sessions, we make sure to post the online gallery of High Resolution images within three (3) to six (6) weeks of the engagement session. For weddings, we will post teaser images to social media (we are sort of obsessed with this)! A full online gallery of High Resolution images will then be posted within eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks following the wedding day.

ALBUM PRODUCTION/ORDERING/DELIVERY TIMELINE: In the album production, ordering and delivery phase, we will create a rough draft design for the first album proof with a clean, white timeless background 2-3 weeks after the wedding gallery has been delivered. From there you will be able to flip through the design and either love the spreads or change images. Included with the albums are 2 full rounds of changes.

For detailed Q&A information about us and how we can work with you in perfect harmony, make sure you visit our FAQ page here: sarahkossuch.com/faq/